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I always find myself searching and looking for scholarships abroad, well I guess, I’m really drawn to  the idea of going to a foreign place, study, live alone, and discover new things that I’m sure I’m not capable of doing when I am here at home. I know it’s quite impossible, for now. But I also know that nothing’s impossible right? I just hope that I will be able to realise all of my dreams even if it’ll take me a very long time to accomplish, I just don’t wanna regret someday and ask myself why I didn’t do it.

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IMG_6452 copy

THANK YOU to every single human being who believed and trusted me. A single “Thank You” is not enough and I will be forever be grateful for everything. I aint showy but deep inside I am more than grateful and thankful. 

The journey was nerve-wracking, knowing that the Licensure Examination is the culmination of everything I’ve been studying and learning for the past four years. Everything, for me, is at stake.

The review period was killing me. Days, weeks, and months passed, I was having a hard time, can’t even last reading a material for two hours straight. Focus was not there to be found, and all I could think is “mupasar ba kaha ko?“. One month left before the exam and nothing change. It gave me constant anxiety, that made me question and doubt myself to the point I wanted to quit. “Mupasar man ko sa?”/”Miga, mupasar ko?” I kept on asking my friends those questions because I, myself, don’t know anymore. However, I kept on moving forward.

 The day before the exam, I thought that it will be such a relaxing day, but I was wrong. That day was so challenging yet so fun, shout out to Team Teo-Fel’s (the rule breakers) fighting spirit. 

Finally the D-Day, I lacked sleep (only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep) and I don’t know what to feel while we’re on our way to the venue. The exam started and staying up late made me fell asleep while reading long paragraphed questions. It made me uneasy, so I kept on moving and stretching. The same scenario happened on the second day, but despite of it, I am so thankful that while taking the exam, I was so calmed and relaxed.

Staying up late is really not a good idea if you’ll be taking an exam, but for us, it was a blessing. A lot of topics that we talked about during our “very” late night discussion came out on the exam, and it was all WORTH IT.

Four days passed by from the last day of exam and I barely slept and breathed the night before. They were all right, waiting for the results is more terrifying than taking the actual exam. My hands were shaking as I scroll down the list and then I saw my name, I cried out of joy. Whoooo, I can finally breath. Everything ends so well for me.

I thank the Person above for the blessings and guidance. Thank you for the answered prayers.

To Mi Familia, thank you for supporting me through out these years. You all gave me everything and I couldn’t ask for more. Te quiero mucho.

To my teachers, instructors and mentors, thank you for the lessons and for pushing us to challenge ourselves. And lastly to my friends and classmates, thank you for being so supportive to one another, we worked hard and we did it. It’s time to be proud of ourselves.

Que Sera Sera: Whatever will be, will be.

Maktub: It is written.

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“You can’t reap if you don’t sow”

I’ve read a blog post talking about HARD WORK and how essential it is in achieving our goals and to be successful. That blog made me think of what I am doing with my life, especially that I have an exam to pass this coming November, and to tell you the truth, I am not studying. Well, I do study, but not in the way that I should be doing it and how everyone thinks I’m doing it.

It’s funny how I keep contemplating with the days I wasted and still not doing something to at least get myself back to track and keep up with the topics and information I’m having the hard time to understand and retain. Instead of reading, I’ve been binge watching movies from day-to-night. Yes, your Honor, I AM GUILTY OF PROCRASTINATING (Princess Dyne Otida, Professional Procrastinator). I was thinking, that I still got a plenty of time to study and I can do those stuff later or on the next day, which in fact is definitely wrong. Time’s running faster than I thought.

The blog has this quote: “You can’t reap if you don’t sow.”

To whoever wrote that, THANK YOU. That hit me hard, it feels like being slapped left and right. Yeah, I realized a lot of things like I don’t deserve everyone’s appreciation of me and I’ll put to waste everything that I’ve done and planning to do, if I don’t get back to my senses. Oh dear, everyone’s anticipating and expecting me to pass, which scares me to death ’cause I might disappoint them.

I guess, like what the quote is trying to tell me, I must do my homework. NOW. If I really wanna be a Licensed Customs Broker, I need to work double time and keep myself away from these temptations surrounding me. It will be an exhausting process, but having that license in my hand will, for sure, be a relaxing feeling.

I’m PRETTY (pun intended ahahaha) much sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way, so for YOU who’s in the same page as I am, BREATHE. We’ll all get through this. Be OPTIMISTIC and FOCUS on your goal. Do it one step at a time, don’t exhaust yourself. If you get tired, take a break, but don’t stop. If you’re hungry, eat; and most importantly, give yourself a good night sleep.

I know that you’re afraid and might be thinking that you can’t do it, but dear look at the mirror, do you see that beautiful being standing there? That person is STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and SMART. She/He was born to SLAY everything she’ll/he’ll do, to live a HAPPY life, to LOVE and be LOVED. 

Sooner or later, all our hard work will be paid off and we’ll all know what success feels like. By that time, you’ll look back on your journey with a smile on your face, feeling so PROUD that you made it and that you NEVER GAVE UP. And I say CHEERS to that day! SMILE.

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WanderTales : Isla Romantica

So, how should I start this entry? Ohhh right, picturesss 😄

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FINALLY! After almost a week of asking our parents’ permission, here we are having our very first getaway! Yehey! 03-04-18.

It was such a blissful moment when my Aunt allowed me to go to the trip, like, when I heard the go signal, I just smiled so wide blinking my eyes letting those words sink in to my system. HAHAHAHA, you may find that a bit OA(over acting) but OA na kong OA, tagsa ra masugtan mulaag ug layo si inday. So yeah, the night before, we started finalizing what we should bring, our foods and most especially our budget (fresh graduates with no allowance, my dear).

And THE DAY finally came, I woke up early ’cause I need to clean the house before these girls arrive. Actually, gekapoy ko’g limpyo HAHAHAHA nagbinuotan ug gakugi jud ko para sugtan adto magluto sa balay 😂😅. (2x fastforward) They arrived at our house past 9 and it’s quite late for our supposed to be schedule. Dapat by 8 naabot na sila, pero as usual Filipino time, nothing new HAHAHA.


The Baon:


Rice, 10 packs of Lucky Me Chili Mansi Pancit  Canton, 6 (i guess) cans of Holiday Corned Beef with Eggs, and Christine’s very own recipe, Torta de Patata. HAHAHAHA to tell you the truth, that potato dish is actually murdered french fries HAHAHAHA we don’t know what happened, it was just when they started frying it, it’s already smashed to tiny bits. Na SCAM kami behh 😂.

By 11:00 am, we finished cooking our foods and packed everything we needed, and then we head off to our destination, Isla Romantica in Cordova, Cebu.


Isla Romantica is a man-made island owned by someone they called Tatay Ben. On our way there, ga pakyaw ug tricycle ang mga bata kay wala katultol, thanks God, buotan ang driver ug nasabot namo nga siya sad ang mo pick-up namo ika panguli which cost us Php 200.00 back&forth. When we arrived there, we still need to ride a “bangka” to cross the muddy and grassy part of the sea. Niana sila pwede ra daw to malakaw, pero ayaw nag tuga-tuga dae kay daghang tuyom HAHAHAHA dili nya ka ka-enjoy sa imo swimming – Php 15.00/person ang boat ride. After 5 – 10 minutessss TAADAANNN! WELCOME TO ISLA ROMANTICA!


This man-made island is such a beauty, you can definitely enjoy the place ’cause it is not heavily congested like some well-known swimming destinations. Gamay raman siya nga island so limited rasad ang mga people and thumbs up for that kay dili samok. My favorite thing about the island is its sand. Yes, you read it right, SAND and dili siya batoan. It is surrounded with sand that makes it ideal for swimming and one more thing, it has a sand bar when it goes low tide. Unfortunately, wala na mi naka-abot sa sand bar kay it was time to go home naman ato. So sad 😞

ryan Teng
Photo by Ryan Teng
Photo by Byaheng Sugbu

The Good 

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Accessible
  3. Nice view
  4. SAND

The Bad

  1. Cottage – Php 100.00, cheap but not really comfortable
  2. NO CR AVAILABLE – Girlsss you need to bring out the “girl scout” in you ’cause you need to improvise for you be able to change your clothes.

Our experience was totally a BLAST! We enjoyed every second we were there and Lord, naka feel najud mi sa SUMMER 😁😍😊. Thanks God for letting us have that wonderful experience 😁😊.

Lastly, TE AMO MIS AMIGAS 😘😊😍. This is just the start of our adventures together, there’s definitely more to come 😉😎.

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I Hate It

Yes, I really do hate it because I’ve been keeping myself to not come to this point. Always telling myself the consequences, but guess what? I don’t care anymore. I won’t give a fuck about this shit. I’m done, totally done.  

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Everything’s collapsing in front of me,

Got nothing to hold,

Will I let myself fall to the ground?
Been trying to stand,

But the ground keeps shaking,

I don’t know what to do.
I am getting tired now,

The rain is making me cold,

I just want to rest.

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One Last Step


   (9:18 am) So, here I am, on my way to school. Yes, this day will mark my last semester in college and HURRAYYY I’ve survived four years of pain, heartaches, and of course some happy and unforgatable memories.

   I really don’t know what to expect, all I want for this sem is to be able to keep my scholarship ( not now pleasee, I am praying that they will be enlightened and open their hearts, and give me some good grades ).

  Ohh by the way, our faculty, is the one who decided to which schedule we should be enrolled ( that’s totally hearthbreaking and weird, like really? ) and that makes me separated from my amigas, so sad.

   (9:44 am) I’m too early for my 10:30 am class, so punctual of me. By the way, this is the floor where i will be spending my last months as a university student. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Thinking and imagining yourself, finaly graduating and earning the diploma you’ve worked hard for the last years. Providing that they will let you graduate, that’s the saddest reality folks.

   (11:21 am) Like every first day of school, you would not expect a full packed classroom and a deligent instructor to officially welcome you this semester. So, here’s my classroom for the rest of the year and I am quite excited and nervous meet my old and new classmates.

   (1:30 pm) We just had our first class of our major subject and you what I think our instructor is so obsessed with me ( tho I’m definitely NOT his type, you know what I mean right? Hahaha ). Why? Geezz, of all people, he chose me to make a video presentation of a one whole book and it’s due tomorrow. Where’s Justice!

   (2:51 am) I’m on my way home, currently at the terminal but stopped by the famous Jollibee to grab some drink. I didn’t get my iced coffee, I guess it’s no longer available and that’s really sad. Cry. I don’t know if you are in the Philippines right now but it’s really hot and one cold drink is not enough.


(1:30 pm) I’m homeee. On my way, I’ve been thinking of how I’ll make that report. Me, “videoing” myself, is a NO. ARGHHH. This is so frustrating. This is my problem, according to that teacher and i know he’s testing me. Okay. Let me solve this problem in my own way and whether he’ll accept my output or not, it’s his problem. Long night is waiting and please wish me luck. Gracias.

P.S. Sorry for the grammar and misspelled words hahaha.

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They say “patience is a virtue”, isn’t it? Look, you can’t have everything you want all at once. You need to wait. Great things are hard to find, it takes perseverance and determination, and of course, patience. Challenges will always come on your way, not to discourage you, but test the courage inside you, that no matter what life will give, you’ve got that mind and heart ready to jump on any hurdles that gets on your way to that finish line. Cheer up, everything will be okay. 

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Be still,

You did your best and,

You are enough.

Be strong,

The universe is too vast,

For such mistake to take over you.

Be you,

Don’t let someone’s opinion define you,

You know who you are – show it.

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Via Daily Prompt : Foggy

Early mornings of water dews and cold breeze, wakes her up to eternity. Everyday is an adventure – places to go and food to eat. Experiencing everything for the first time, makes every moment wonderful. She doesn’t know a thing, she’d been trapped for a while in the box people gave her. And now, the landscapes may be foggy but, she knows beyond that is an experience of a lifetime.